Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Dawn of Stanley Lucas Revolution

Report Subject: Stanley Lucas

Date: February 2000

Department: Tavistock Internal Research Center, Montana #41336

Status: Top Secret

To Whom It May Concern,

Patient Name: Stanley Lucas has escaped the facility and his recapture is of the utmost importance. Due to his sociopathic behavior, he is dangerous to himself and those around him. His extreme revolutionary perspective is detrimental to the ways of society if he is given the opportunity to spread his extremist ideas to normal civilians. Patient possesses ability to manipulate the minds of others and cause anarchy, and in some cases, reckless derangement. A complete background, protective precautions, and possible whereabouts is included below.

* * * * *

Insanity is merely one perception of the man. A violent attitude will be used as a mask, mainly to cast fear towards any paranoid onlookers, keeping them at bay. Behind the fa├žade, Lucas has actually achieved an extremely high level of clarity that may only to be reached after severe mental, emotional, and physical torture. While housed at the Institute, Lucas was chosen by Dr. Teller as an ideal candidate for The Epicurean Procedure due to his highly evolved brain patterns. Historically, such experiments had continually caused dementia and split personality in patients. Dr. Teller anticipated that when the mind is able to withstand excruciating pain, a higher level of mental clarity can be reached. Patient Stanley Lucas was one of the very few to survive this process, but not without said side-effects. Despite his success in withstanding the trauma, Lucas retreated from any human interaction; locking his thoughts deep inside windows of glassy eyes, unwilling to cooperate with his superiors at the Institute.

Soon after Dr. Teller and colleagues began to notice violent outbursts becoming more routine in Stanley. In efforts to keep Patient Lucas mentally balanced, the Institute prescribed a daily combination of Lithium and Seconal. Initially, the doses given by the Institute meant to render Stanley into a docile state, making his actions easier to study. In turn, his subconscious adapted further by concentrating on creative, dreamlike tendencies to settle the restless monster that was growing inside. Lucas turned to these mental outlets, and quickly proved to be a proficient writer, painter, and composer.

During various manic episodes, Stanley threatened staff nurses that he was designing propaganda, meant to spread “his message” to the public. Now that he has escaped, Lucas will most likely begin his quest within an underground ring of society. Individuals possessing similar creative tendencies will undoubtedly serve as his only human connections while in the outside world. His instability will force him to remain absorbed in a personal hideout. Look for him at night, most likely in a major American city. Lucas is a sleeper cell, patiently waiting behind receptive eyes, generally bound to the conventional manners that accompany normal human interaction. He was adept to covering his tracks at the institute, usually leaving little or no traces behind of his mischievous actions. In order to prevent manic attacks, he will most likely acclimate a daily routine that involves consuming illegal pills and possibly marijuana. This intake of drugs can be assumed to be mostly handmade and smuggled.

A chance of recapture means discovering his local hideouts. Without the creative outlets to funnel the chaos into, his attitude will quickly become maniacal. Under these conditions, Stanley becomes completely unpredictable, and loses all sense of guilt and shame. Unless he is returned to his mental shackles at Tavistock, he will spread the news of our existence, and the experiments conducted here. Stanley Lucas knows too much. He must be stopped, or all progress made will be destroyed in our efforts to conduct the De Banco Experiments.


Dr. Robert Stockholm

Tavistock Supervising Technician

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