Monday, January 24, 2011

Railroad to Alaska releases "Salvation" EP: A Review

Something about certain chord progressions, guitar riffs, and drum fills, whatever their variation may be, makes the blood boil with adrenaline. Combine that with well-executed, theatrical metal vocals, and the listener is transformed into a human bullet, aimed for destruction. When listening to the new EP, titled “Salvation,” from Costa Mesa locals, Railroad to Alaska, I can’t help but feel the need to put on my mean face and scream at the top of my lungs, “Take time to open your eyes, you know you signed on the line!!!” Lyrics written by front-man, Justin Suitor and band artist, Ryan Williams, are filled with insightful satire towards cultural phenomena like the Jonestown Massacre and the modern principles spawned by Capitalism in America. Combine that with Suitor’s vocal fervor and precision on lead guitar, bass and booming backup vocals by Justin Morales, perfectly-placed rhythm guitar by Jeff Lyman, and intricate drums from Derek Eglit, and you have a group of what may be the best emerging technical musicians in Orange County.

Returning to Mike Troolines at Sound Asylum in Santa Ana after releasing their first EP LuckyBearClawDoom in February of 2010, Railroad releases their second, containing four new tracks that are more metal than any orchestration they have released thus far. First is “Handsome,” the gritty tune that makes playing in 5/4 seem effortless, and tells the tale of the manipulative Salesman conning the masses. Continuing on, you’ll discover the heavy-hitting beats and jagged guitar riffs of, “The Real Thing.” Third is, “Mum,” that showcases a frightening power that emanates from each member until the very last second. Last, is the album-title track, “Salvation,” the only composition that mellows out, hypnotizing the listener for a moment with melodic chants, then building up to an eerie crescendo that sends shudders down the spinal cord.

Railroad to Alaska has recently showcased these new editions throughout Orange County and Los Angeles venues. On top of that, Volcom Entertainment has recently grabbed them for local events like the annual Dam-Am Skate Competition, and industry nights at local spots all over Costa Mesa. Check out “Salvation” at the upcoming Best Live Band Showcase on February 1, hosted by OC Music Awards at the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa. Stop by and grab a copy of your own before the ensemble progresses their way out of Orange County, and into the public spotlight for good.

“Salvation” Track List:

1) Handsome (3:45)

2) The Real Thing (3:41)

3) Mum (4:12)

4) Salvation (6:46)

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