Thursday, July 7, 2011

Saint Motel, The Silent Comedy, and The New Limb at Detroit Bar 7/6/11

This hump day brought a special treat to Detroit Bar tonight in the form of The New Limb, The Silent Comedy, and Saint Motel.  By 9:30, a good chunk of the crowd was through the door, just in time to see The New Limb give the thumbs up to the sound engineer, signifying they were ready to let loose.  With their recent move to Los Angeles, The New Limb has shown a great progress in their musical process.  Most of the songs in their set tonight came from their latest album, Sounds People Can Make, including tracks like "Sarah," "Birds and Stuff," "I Know You Know," and "We Forgive You, Gene."  Placed in between these staples were a few new pieces with passionate vocal melodies that continue to ring in my head.  Although the 5-piece is sweetly melodic on their recordings, The New Limb brought a huge energy that could put any punk or metal band to shame tonight.

As The Silent Comedy, hailing from San Diego, took the stage, the crowd left the smoking patio, pool tables, and lounge area to pack onto the dance floor to catch a glimpse of this group adorned in vests, bowler hats, and amazing facial hair.  These boys picked up where The New Limb Left off, kicking the energy into a higher gear during songs like their hit, "Exploitation."  The rhythmic beats kept heads bobbing to the rock/boogie woogie/whiskey bar combination of notes, causing onlookers to mentally revert back to an earlier period of the West where gunslingers and dance-hall piano bars still existed.  Tonight is only the second show of their month-long Summer Sweat tour with Saint Motel that will be sending them up the Western coast and into inland spots like Wyoming, Colorado, and Nevada.

Although it seemed like most of the crowd went home to recharge for their workweek, the quirky foursome, Saint Motel, rocked out like they were playing a packed house.  An electric energy revolved around each member, with each song having it's own catchiness.  Vocals from lead singer, AJ Jackson, were crystal clear and on point from start to finish, with a hint of cunning confidence in every clever line of lyrics during songs like "Butch," and "Do Everything Now."  Tonight was the perfect practice for their show at the LACMA in Los Angeles, and these guys will surely find success as they venture out on their current tour.

Check out the rest of the Summer Sweat Tour dates here:

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