Saturday, March 31, 2012


Burgerama is happening as we speak!  How many months did it take to prepare all of this?

Sean Bohrman:  For probably two months or so, since the beginning of the year.  But it wasn’t just this I was planning.  We also have a festival going on in San Francisco called the Burger Boogaloo, and that started yesterday.  There are two shows today, and two shows tomorrow.  I’m driving up there tomorrow for that.  We just got back from SXSW two days ago.  We did five shows there that sold out.  They were huge shows and Bill Murray was there, it was crazy.  It’s just been really really hectic ‘cause Lee (Rickard) has been on tour with The Nerves, and Brian (Flores) was in the hospital for a little while.  Me and Bobby were the only two working, and we don’t have a car between us, so the weeks leading up to SXSW were really really crazy and we didn’t get everything we wanted to get done.  But for the most part, everything was a success.  All the stuff we had been planning for worked out, and thank god.

Who’s manning the store while you’ve been gone?

Brian is actually out of the hospital and he can’t really party or anything, so he’s just kind of taking it easy hanging out at the store.  Patty, our friend, was watching it while we were gone.  Everybody is coming together to help the Burger cause.

Sean Bohrman (On right)
White Fence
Dirt Dress
Keith Morris of Off!

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